Digital order management

A simple tool to schedule tasks and process protocols without paper.

Digitize your order procurement

Our cloud solution supports you in the timely processing and complete documentation of various tasks. Digital checklists and protocols save up to 80% of time compared to the paper-based alternatives. Digitize your processes and make your order and audit management more efficient.


An overview of the core functions of upkeepr.

Photo feature

Attach images to checklists and protocols in seconds.

Defect management

Damage reports are recorded on site and can be managed separately.

Intelligent protocols

Checklists and protocols automatically adapt to the condition of the respective object.

Object Management

Buildings, components, devices and other inventory are managed in a clear tree structure.

Optimized for touch screens

Protocols, audit trails and checklists are clearly laid out and optimized for use on mobile devices.

Audit history

All audit trails can be viewed at any time via app or on the PC in the office.

Interval jobs

Create recurring tasks at any interval, e.g. "monthly" or "annually".

Reminder feature

Automatic notifications for pending and overdue tasks.

Free trial account

Test upkeepr free of charge and without any commitments.

Saves time & costs

By optimizing and digitizing processes you save time and money.

Individually adaptable

We are happy to adapt functions to your processes and develop individual test protocols.

Data security

High availability and encrypted storage of your data.

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